Brilliant Daughter Liz’s Film Project

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by I am pleased and proud to share with you my beautiful daughter Liz Witham and son in law Ken Wentworth’s documentary film project: Keepers of the Light .
Here’s the link to their indiegogo campaign to raise funds for reach the finish line.

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Falcon Ridge and Martha’s Vineyard

Greetings fellow travelers,
I’ve got some nice gigs coming up and I wanted to share the info with you.
On Thursday, August 3 I’ll be in Hillsdale, NY playing the Lounge Stage at the Falcon Ridge Festival. Our set starts at 9:15 and that round is me, Heather Lloyd and Danielle Miraglia. I look forward to seeing you there!
And Monday, August 14 and Tuesday, August 15 I’ve got “Sister Kate’s Two Dates” at the Aquinnah Town Hall on Martha’s Vineyard.
You can get the tickets for the Vineyard shows at
Here’s the poster:

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Celebrating Brother James’ Birthday

Hi friends,
I am experiencing a broad array of feelings today. I miss so many of the folks who have come through my life who are still walking among us but our paths have not intersected in a long time, and I miss those who have passed on over into spirit only. My heart is aching for them all.
As my mom used to say, “Love is eternal.” That helps me some.
And, there are the welcome day to day celebrations of all the good things. Like Brother James’ birthday! Happy Birthday dear man! Here’s a photo of James and me from 1971.
I send much love and gratitude for each and every one of you. You can write me at kate at katetaylor dot com if you have a hankering to share your thoughts with me. xoxo, Kate

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Someone Strange stepped onto my Page

Hello dear friends and visitors to this page, thank you for stopping by today!
I was, I am disinclined to say the word, but here it is: hacked by someone the other day. But at least they said they were doing it. Thanks to Ralph for alerting me to the intrusion. Has this happened to you? Anyway, this tells me that I have been neglecting my page.
This shall be no more.

New Owl Pendant on Etsy Page

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The Art of Composing and Fitting Music

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy my music at least as much as I enjoy making it! It is all there for you, my adoring fans. Today, I wanted to share something truly special with you. I want to share some of my creative process when creating music, and how I arrange it to different venues!

The Art of Composing Music

The word "song" is widely misused by people in the popular music industry to describe any musical composition, whether sung or played only by instruments. People who create new compositions are called composers in classical music. In popular music and traditional music, the creators of new songs are usually cMusic comes in all shapes and forms, and it's been shaped by and has been shaping civilizations for centuries on end!alled songwriters.

As a starting point, it helps to understand that composers are generally not creating something out of nothing when they write a new piece. Instead, they are creating out of past experience – their understanding of music theory, what they’ve studied and listened too, what they would like to hear themselves.

Enroll in a class and take lessons for a beginners instrument if you have not already chosen and are not already playing an instrument. You will need to be able to play something at least at a basic level. Please do not assume piano is the only way to go. Yes, it is conventional, but there are many other choices out there.

The Art of Fitting Music to Venues

There is more to making music than composing it. Each music has its audience and each music has its venue. A piece is different if it’ll play to young people at a party or to posh goers at a concert. There is a difference if music plays in a cathedral or if it’s blasted from casino surround systems.

If you’ve ever ventured into a casino, you will realize that music is one of the biggest influences on the guests who enter these exciting venues. While some myths will suggest that casinos use music to lead people into staying fixated on the games that they are playing, that is untrue – music is there to enhance the experience, not hypnotize people.

To this end, most casinos use Muzak, a soft, instrumental genre of music often heard in elevators and grocery stores. In some cases, the Muzak will feature songs from the current Top 40 while in others the songs will be of a more generic variety. The point isn’t the music itself, of course, but the emotions it arouses from the casino clientelle.

The studies show the best what we have said in this article. When playing and listening to low-tempo music, all subjects have shown an increased persistence in gambling, taking their time and placing a considerably larger number of bets than usual. On the other hand, while listening to high-tempo music, their gambling behavior was more intense, and the reaction to absolutely each bet, much faster.

However, you might be wondering how can you enjoy a casino if you're not a fan of music. It's simple, simply go to a good online casino site. A new casino site offers lucrative bonuses such as a welcome bonus which provides you extra cash upon your initial deposit, or no deposit bonus which provides you with free cash for playing your favorite games, or several free spins. Since new casinos offer grandeur bonuses, you don’t need to spend even a single penny.

Of course, where to find such a reputable casino? The answer is simple. All you need to do is find a site where people can play online casino and check out which site works best for you. It is a bit of a hasstle, but it is well worth it – you want to optimize your fun per buck spent, right?

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New Bedford Folk Festival!

Greetings from the great NorthEast! We’re going to be at the New Bedford Folk Festival on Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10. I am psyched to be back in this great little city, the historic district has tons of charm, the people are fabulous and this line-up for the festival is unparalleled!
Steve Mayone and I will be at the Purchase Street Stage at 11:00 on Saturday morning for a workshop and at 6:00 pm we’ll be at a meet and greet, and on Sunday at 3:30 we’ll be bringing the full set of songs to the New Bedford Whaling Museum stage. See you there! xoxox Kate

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New Pendants!

Come visit my Etsy page to see the new and the classic pendant styles! xoxo, Kate


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We had some good time family fun at Liv and Gail’s wedding…

…a few weeks back. The beat and love goes on. xoxo

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Kate Taylor Comes Home

Kate’s coming back to her home town of Chapel Hill, NC for two special events on Thursday, Oct 22nd and Friday Oct 23rd!
On Thursday, Oct 22 Kate brings her music and stories to The Back Room at Cat’s Cradle for a fund raiser for the Dr. Isaac M Taylor Scholarship Fund, a UNC Medical School Scholarship set up in honor of her father who was dean of the Medical School from 1964-1971.
On Friday, Oct 23rd, Kate presents a trunk show of her Wampum Beads and Shell Articles (, hosted by hers and her brothers’ childhood pal, Alexander Julian, at Julian’s, 135 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 942-4563. 3*Kate Taylor Comes Home jpeg

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Some new photos for you!

Greetings fellow travelers and welcome to Here are some photos, either taken recently or from days of yore and sent to me recently by friends…
Thanks to Adrianne Ryan, Don Law, Eli Dagostino and Richard Litt for these.
Keep an eye out for new shows coming up!!! 11845203_10155971576995173_4470937961171890686_o

Kate and Bros 2015IMG_3500

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