I had a visit with my friend Nancella and

She took this picture:

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SHOWS coming your way!

The KATE TAYLOR SHOW is coming to a town near you! Tell your friends, call your congressmen! Come see us!
This string of dates is a special bunch: Sister Kate Revisited is the theme.
We’ll be doing the songs from my first record, “Sister Kate”, plus, because Sister Kate lives, we’ll be doing some newer tunes too!

11/8 – The Regent Theater, Arlington, MA

11/9 – Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT

11/10 – Havana, New Hope, PA

11/12 – Nighttown, Cleveland Heights, OH

11/15 – 210 Restaurant & Music Lounge, Highwood, IL

11/18 – Bull Run, Shirley, MA

11/19 – World Café Live, Philadelphia, PA

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Do Lucky Charms Really Work For Gamblers?

According to Collin's Dictionary, a lucky charm is “an object that is believed to bring its owner good luck”. Since the definition does not actually mention any items that have the power to attract luck into one's life, we are to assume they can be represented by just about anything. While some lucky charms are more popular than others, such as four-leaf clover symbols, horseshoes, or lucky number 7 charms, wearing a lucky pair of socks or a lucky pendant could work just as well for some people. If you are the type of gal who absolutely loves jewelry and all shapes and sizes of accessories, I warmly welcome you to browse my store and pick your favorite items. Who knows, they might just become your lucky charms next time you go online and play your favorite casino games!

Favorable Planets, Charms, And Gamblers

Do you know any passionate gamblers? How many of them carry lucky charms whenever they go to a casino? Did you notice any special ritual they do before an important game of poker? What about when they play slots? Lots of gamblers use a variety of lucky charms to find the inspiration they need to win at their favorite games. But did you know that the ruling planets of your zodiac sign may also somehow influence the amount of luck a person will enjoy at a certain point in their life? It's all about horoscope houses and the location of one's favorable planets within the respective houses. It is possible to be positively or negatively influenced by a horoscope house or a favorable/unfavorable planet.

A person with a favorable placement is prone to win more than others, especially when the best planets are aligned the right way. Casino games, sports betting, and other similar activities that could bring one easy money might not be the calling of people with unfavorable horoscopes. If you think you count among the unlucky people, the good news is that you can still find ways to improve your luck or win the casino more often: lucky charms and more practice.

Tweak Your Gambling Fate

Use one of the classic lucky charms and see if it works next time you play the one-armed bandit machine, or buy yourself a nice pendant, rub it a few times before hitting the spin button and see if this works instead. Some people carry lucky coins on them while gambling, others look for rainbows and other divine signs foretelling their upcoming good luck. Keep in mind lucky talismans and charms are thought to have a powerful influence on your governing planets, while diminishing the negative influence of those planets that are responsible for your losses.

Play To Your Strengths

Choose your favorite game and stick to it. Try out a few different titles and gameplay styles and see which one is most suitable for you. You can rely on what your horoscope tells you, or you can personally test a few games. Not sure where to start? First of all, you are going to need a safe and reliable casino. Check out a few online casino reviews like the ones you can find on the Gamblers Bet site and decide upon your favorite venue. Opt for a casino that rewards newcomers with excellent match bonuses for their first deposits, and make sure loyal players' efforts are also being rewarded.online casino reviews lucky charms

If you are a person who likes to use their imagination and implement new plans constantly, but you cannot consider yourself a lucky person, you may want to play bridge and other similar games instead of those games that are considered be based on luck, such as roulette or slots. Also, you may want to stick to games of bingo instead of opting for games that do not revolve around numbers. The more strong points you can bring into your gameplay, the more often you should win.

Choose The Right Time To Gamble

Timing is everything if you wish to bet or engage in any other speculative activity that could earn you fast money. Know what are your luckiest, most profitable periods to gamble and be prepared to wager away. While you may not be able to get to your favorite land casino whenever you know your good luck charm is about to kick in, there is always the online gambling alternative.

Just keep in mind there are no actual guarantees, and your lucky charm might simply become a means of bringing a positive influence on your spirit. With lots of practice, you should start producing real results, and online casinos make for an excellent solution.

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Brilliant Daughter Liz’s Film Project

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by katetaylor.com. I am pleased and proud to share with you my beautiful daughter Liz Witham and son in law Ken Wentworth’s documentary film project: Keepers of the Light . I can’t not to recommend to use very good service.
Here’s the link to their indiegogo campaign to raise funds for reach the finish line.

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Falcon Ridge and Martha’s Vineyard

Greetings fellow travelers,
I’ve got some nice gigs coming up and I wanted to share the info with you.
On Thursday, August 3 I’ll be in Hillsdale, NY playing the Lounge Stage at the Falcon Ridge Festival. Our set starts at 9:15 and that round is me, Heather Lloyd and Danielle Miraglia. I look forward to seeing you there!
And Monday, August 14 and Tuesday, August 15 I’ve got “Sister Kate’s Two Dates” at the Aquinnah Town Hall on Martha’s Vineyard.
You can get the tickets for the Vineyard shows at ticketsmv.com/kate or read about our betting service.
Here’s the poster:

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Music – The Effects Of Music

Music is one of the most essential elements that make our everyday life. Most people would probably even ignore the immensely large amount of music that we all, more or less, happen to listen to during our days.

And, what’s more, the current music panorama looks much more diversified and rich than it was in the past times. In fact, with time the music scenery becomes more and more flourishing, thanks to new genres and subgenres of music being launched in this industry.

Success Of Lounge Music In The Worldlistening to lounge music

Lounge music was probably an exceptional new genre of music when it first appeared. Its rhythms conquered millions of people, mostly thanks to certain features that sounded new and cool for those times:

  • Lounge music evokes exotic sceneries
  • Rhythms and sounds are relaxing, soft and even “dreamy” in a way
  • Not being connected to any political or social message, lounge music was and still is largely used as a “neutral” music genre, which turn out to be perfect in almost all places

Lounge music is currently the basic music genre that you can find in all casinos and places where people spend time in a relaxing way, for example, playing a roulette game, talking and drinking, and so on.

From another point of view, lounge music stands out in the entire music industry thanks to its basic characteristic to be a relaxing music, often paralleled to jazz music.

Effects Of Lounge Music On Casino Players

Lounge music is, as we mentioned, a most used music genre in all casinos and places where you can have some relax. Nowadays, all the most important casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada, Europe and Australia offer enchanting music backgrounds in each of their numerous rooms.

Casinos are normally made of many different rooms, that are generally identified with different casino games. So, you will find the slot machine room, the table games room and so on.

And, of course, each room is pleased with a different type of music according to the type of game. For example, in the roulette room the gamblers almost always listen to whimsical and elegant lounge music which allows them to find a better mental focus, while some pop and trendy music will be played in all slot machine rooms. In fact, lively music is proven to make the gamblers play more and longer.

What About Live Casinos In The Web?

The casino industry is largely popular in the web, as well. We may even assume that the online casino industry is currently one of the most growing sectors in the entire world.

One of the best features of certain online casinos is that you can play live dealer casino games, including live roulette, live poker and blackjack and live tournaments of several types of card games.

Live tournaments, in particular, are available on a number of casinos that are sponsored by Casino El Arab:

  • Reef Club Casino
  • BetFinal Casino
  • 888 Casino

Each of these three top best casinos offer new game options and innovative game design on top of customizable features. Music is one of such features: as a player in an online casino, you can decide to turn the music background on or off, according to your tastes.

Gambling And Arab Countries

Casino El Arab is proud to appear in the web with its Arabic brand name, not for a desire to attract new players to a fancy exotic casino venue, but simply because gambling is today accepted in more Arab Countries.

After the first casinos appeared in the web, things have been changing in some Middle East Countries. So, now gambling is no more forbidden and more people  seem to be more open-minded when it comes to casinos and sports betting. Actually, the most important online casinos of Casino El Arab offer exceptional sports betting services for football, tennis, polo, Formula 1, cricket, rugby and many more sports.

And if you are looking for an exclusive casino experience, you’ll be surely happy to know that a special VIP program is waiting for you! VIPs who have completed a fixed number of points (visit the casino’s home page to learn more or get in touch to the casino’s support service) are qualified for new promotions and casino rewards. Finally, don’t forget that Casino El Arab offers a large selection of methods of payment (Skrill, PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, InterBay card, A Chic card, PIR card), so you can withdraw your winning and make casino deposits to play more and more!

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Tips For Storing Your Pendants The Right Way

If you are like most women, you probably have a couple of drawers stashed with jewelry and accessories of all sorts. And you can rarely say no to buying new ones every time you travel or go shopping. Accessories are essential for any wardrobe, and they can in fact make or break an outfit. So they needn’t be treated too superficially. However, in order to enjoy them at their full potential, it is recommended to have them safely stored, away from damaging factors or curious toddler hands. Below you will find a few of the most efficient storage solutions for pendants and another type of jewelry.

Why Use Separate Storage For Jewelryprosco.com carpenter

Gathering all of your jewelry in a single location should make it a lot easier for you to find everything you need, just when you need it. Plus, it will help you make a quick inventory of what you own, so you can simplify things when going shopping. But these are not the only reasons why you should store your pendants, rings, and bracelets in separate jewelry boxes and drawers, sometimes behind locks. How many times have you run late to work in the morning or a Sunday brunch with the girl because you weren’t able to find your favorite pendant to complete your outfit? And how often do your necklaces get tangled and make it almost impossible for you to take them out of their box?

When stored improperly, stones, metal, glass, and other fragile fabrics tend to get scratches and render your precious pieces of jewelry useless.

General Guidelines For Storing Your Jewelry

  • Keep your bracelets, pendants, and necklaces apart to prevent knots from forming.

  • Gemstone pieces will get easily scratched by metal and stone items, or hard edges of storage boxes. Use separate containers for them and consider wrapping them in fabric. If possible, use the original pouches the jewelry came in if you need to store diamond or pearl pieces.

  • Keep in mind certain materials have peculiar storage conditions, such as limited exposure to light or high humidity.

  • If you would like to personalize your storage boxes with your name, initials, and sentimental messages, you could try a DIY project. All you need is some basic carpentry skills you could easily learn watching a few videos online or reading some instructions. You can also get in touch with a nearby carpenter like the ones recommended by www.prosco.com and let them handle your project. If you have a lot of pieces of different sizes, shapes, and materials, it is important to have distinct storage for each of them.

When To Use Locked Boxes And Safes

If you own expensive jewelry made from precious metals, or you have a few pieces that have a lot of sentimental value for you, you are best advised to store them in a concealed place in a locked box. If you are not sure you can build a box that features a lock on it, an experienced carpenter is the quickest and safest solution. Make sure to place your locked boxes in a secluded area of the house.

You also have the alternative of a safe deposit box at your local bank for extra safety. However, if you would like to keep your heirloom jewels somewhere where you can access them at all times, you could opt for a home safe. You may want to consult your regular locksmith if you need some advice on the best safe you should opt for. Prosco can put you in touch with the nearest locksmith services in your area that can provide you with advice in this regard. You may need an extra set of skilled hands when fitting a safe in your living room or installing a deadbolt lock on a door for enhanced security.

It is also a better idea to use two separate locations for storage for more convenience. I prefer to play casino here. Use transparent boxes or locked drawers for your day-to-day jewelry, and a small tray or china dish where you can keep the items you wear most often.

Divided boxes can help you efficiently split your jewelry into categories and place them in a drawer or on top of your dresser for immediate access. Hanging bags are another good solution that features separate compartments that can fit the door of your bedroom closet. A vanity table also represents an excellent solution to organize jewelry using small vessels for a nice visual effect as well. Do not be afraid to be bold and use doorknobs or hooks as hangers for your pendants.

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Celebrating Brother James’ Birthday

Hi friends,
I am experiencing a broad array of feelings today. I miss so many of the folks who have come through my life who are still walking among us but our paths have not intersected in a long time, and I miss those who have passed on over into spirit only. My heart is aching for them all.
As my mom used to say, “Love is eternal.” That helps me some.
And, there are the welcome day to day celebrations of all the good things. Like Brother James’ birthday! Happy Birthday dear man! Here’s a photo of James and me from 1971.
I send much love and gratitude for each and every one of you. You can write me at kate at katetaylor dot com if you have a hankering to share your thoughts with me. xoxo, Kate

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Music and Casino Venues: Why Is Music So Important In Slots?

Land based casinos are some of the most preferred destinations for entertainment and fun. It’s been calculated that every year the number of occasional gamblers (that is gamblers who don’t play casino games on a regular basis) increases during the holidays or summer vacations.

In the USA Las Vegas, along with Reno and Atlantic City, are among the most popular places to find several casinos all in a row – of course, there are also more places like Monte Carlo or Geneva in Europe or Macau in Asia where you can find excellent casinos.

Music – A Core Element In The Casino Experienceheadphones for music

The bottom line is that music represents a core element in each casino’s organization. Music background is an essential tool to add to any casino experience. Let’s imagine that music is a type of communication channel which works to convey a message or a sensation to the gamblers in the casino rooms.

One of the most attractive points in music is that there are so many genres and styles to choose from! So, you can listen to very different genres of music even in the same casino venue. In fact, the casino administrators usually select different music for specific casino rooms: soft lounge music in poker rooms, exciting music in slots rooms, pop and jazz music in roulette rooms, etc.

Obviously, there’s a reason why casino administrators “use” music this way: they want to make poker players relax, so they will play better and hopefully stay longer in the casino; in the slots rooms, on the contrary, lively music songs help the players stay happier while playing the games and so on.

The power of music creates a special atmosphere around the game which is proven to attract the gamblers to stay and play more.

Music In Slots – Facts To Know

If you love to listen to music, you might think that it’s silly to turn off any sound, including the music background, while playing certain online games. Many gamblers (probably, most of them) actually decide to turn off the music of their slot games. They miss a fact – that music background works to keep their brain more active and for a longer time… which should work to give the players extra chances to win more awards!

Consider another fact: certain slots are apparently very attractive, their colors and graphics are nice and eye-catching, but there’s still something missing in the game. What’s that? It’s the music. A boring music in a slot game will make the players want to quit the game soon after. On the other hand, a lively and nice music background achieves the opposite result: the players want to play more and more.

Online Australian Pokies

Today, most people who like casino games choose to play in virtual casino venues instead of going to a land based venue. That’s because online casinos are available at any time of the day and night and because the players don’t have to go out and spend lots of money for drinks, cigars and others.

Of course, all online casino games are packed with fabulous music backgrounds on top of great graphics and sound effects that use the best technology of our days.

Play Pokies is the world’s most popular place to discover authentic Australian pokie games. Today’s pokies are available in a large array of themes and titles, so you can easily find out the best game for you! Moreover, you candiscover where to play the best free pokies – all you have to do is to choose your favorite Australian casino from the list of best casinos on Play Pokies and open your casino account to play pokies:

  • Dingo Casino

  • Casino Mate

  • Casino Planet 7 OZ

  • Raging Bull Casino

  • Fair Go Casino

How To Play No Download Pokies For Free

Online pokies are available in two versions, the real-money games and the free games. Free pokies are to be chosen if you just want to try a game for your first time and you don’t know if you will like it yet.

Free pokies comes with several advantages:

  • First off, you can practice new games

  • You can start and quit the game at any time

  • Free pokies don’t require you to download casino files, you simply click and play

  • If you are worried about losing money, you can feel safe because you will be using virtual coins

Visit Play Pokies and choose your ideal casino now!

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Someone Strange stepped onto my Page

Hello dear friends and visitors to this page, thank you for stopping by today!
I was, I am disinclined to say the word, but here it is: hacked by someone the other day. But at least they said they were doing it. Thanks to Ralph for alerting me to the intrusion. Has this happened to you? Anyway, this tells me that I have been neglecting my page.
This shall be no more.

New Owl Pendant on Etsy Page

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