6 Pendants
Dear friends, as you know, I love to sing! And, wait! There’s more! I work with shell and stones and other materials and make necklaces, bracelets, etc. You can see some of this work on my Kate Taylor’s Wampum facebook page:

I’ve taken photocopies of some of the shell pendants I have been making, and have set these photocopies into resin with gold leaf. One image is the rising sun. Another is the full moon in the night sky and reflecting off the water. There are also two that are inspired by Native American artifacts found in upstate New York. These are of a tortoise and a cross depicting the four directions.
There are new pendants, one is a rectangle with the Tipi Fire on gold leaf with red foil or purple foil, and a rectangle with the Tree and the Night Sky on gold leaf with red foil or purple foil.
You can choose between a burgundy red ribbon or a leather thong hand cut by yours truly.
You can tie these at any length you desire. Check out the picture of the pendants, above!
All pendants are $43.00 each.
Shipping is $5. If you have multiple orders and I can ship together, I will send you money back with your purchase for any over charge for shipping. Write me with any questions!

Pendant Style


I am making available on this page the beautiful puffy hearts made of Swarovski crystals by the amazing Heart Women of South Sudan  I have written about my trip in several posts on this website, visit the homepage and you will find them.  Meantime, your purchase of these beautiful heart pendants made by these extraordinary women will go a long way towards better lives for them and their families.  Here’s a photo for you of some of the colors available, and write to me at kate at katetaylor dot com for more information re:colors and sizes.     xoxo, Kate

photo-1Here are the buttons for you to push!: