photoDear friends, as you know, I love to sing! And, wait! There’s more! I work with shell and stones and other materials and make necklaces, bracelets, etc. You can see some of this work on my Kate Taylor’s Wampum facebook page:

I had made a piece up around Christmas time last year, and thought that the two sides of that item might make fine pendants. I asked my pal Don Groover down at Tisbury Printer to help me format the scans of it into these smaller sizes, and I have got the images embedded under resin just for us to wear. I wear two of them at once. You can do that too, or just one at a time! One of the images is the rising sun. The other image is the full moon in the night sky and reflecting off the water. The pictures are backed by a field of 23 karat gold leaf. You can choose between a burgundy red ribbon and a leather thong hand cut by yours truly. You can tie these at any length you desire. Check out the picture of them above!
The pendants are $33 a piece. The shipping is $5.

Pendant Style