Camp Kitchen

I have had the sweetest kitchen experiences! This is a picture of our kitchen at the summer camp. It was the next step after our tipi kitchen. How lucky can one girl be?

This little camp was summer home for my family and me for many years. The kids were either really little or not yet born when we moved into the place for our first summer. After some years, the girls got their own chalet-style tents. These were on substantial platforms built by our pal Jonas Caron.

Before this kitchen in the camp, our tipi kitchen served us well. It was a lean-to. The roof was made from that oil cloth that you can get at the hardware store. We had a gas refrigerator which ran ok out of doors. We had a hose that came from a neighbor some few hundred yards away. We had two gas burners and a dining table under an ancient oak tree.

The lean-to structure had two shelves open to the air. The rain was helpful with the dishwashing chores. The catbirds picked up the pieces of food dropped on the floor of the little oak grove. The raccoons were discouraged from raging on the place as we learned pretty early how to stash the food so they couldn’t get into it.

One spring we realized that the tipi wasn’t gonna cover our needs, and the camp came to be.

Thus, this kitchen.

I have since moved on from this little summer camp, but it still serves my family. It has evolved but some things about it never change.

Life is good.

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