Tips For Storing Your Pendants The Right Way

If you are like most women, you probably have a couple of drawers stashed with jewelry and accessories of all sorts. And you can rarely say no to buying new ones every time you travel or go shopping. Accessories are essential for any wardrobe, and they can in fact make or break an outfit. So they needn’t be treated too superficially. However, in order to enjoy them at their full potential, it is recommended to have them safely stored, away from damaging factors or curious toddler hands. Below you will find a few of the most efficient storage solutions for pendants and another type of jewelry.

Why Use Separate Storage For carpenter

Gathering all of your jewelry in a single location should make it a lot easier for you to find everything you need, just when you need it. Plus, it will help you make a quick inventory of what you own, so you can simplify things when going shopping. But these are not the only reasons why you should store your pendants, rings, and bracelets in separate jewelry boxes and drawers, sometimes behind locks. How many times have you run late to work in the morning or a Sunday brunch with the girl because you weren’t able to find your favorite pendant to complete your outfit? And how often do your necklaces get tangled and make it almost impossible for you to take them out of their box?

When stored improperly, stones, metal, glass, and other fragile fabrics tend to get scratches and render your precious pieces of jewelry useless.

General Guidelines For Storing Your Jewelry

  • Keep your bracelets, pendants, and necklaces apart to prevent knots from forming.

  • Gemstone pieces will get easily scratched by metal and stone items, or hard edges of storage boxes. Use separate containers for them and consider wrapping them in fabric. If possible, use the original pouches the jewelry came in if you need to store diamond or pearl pieces.

  • Keep in mind certain materials have peculiar storage conditions, such as limited exposure to light or high humidity.

  • If you would like to personalize your storage boxes with your name, initials, and sentimental messages, you could try a DIY project. All you need is some basic carpentry skills you could easily learn watching a few videos online or reading some instructions. You can also get in touch with a nearby carpenter like the ones recommended by and let them handle your project. If you have a lot of pieces of different sizes, shapes, and materials, it is important to have distinct storage for each of them.

When To Use Locked Boxes And Safes

If you own expensive jewelry made from precious metals, or you have a few pieces that have a lot of sentimental value for you, you are best advised to store them in a concealed place in a locked box. If you are not sure you can build a box that features a lock on it, an experienced carpenter is the quickest and safest solution. Make sure to place your locked boxes in a secluded area of the house.

You also have the alternative of a safe deposit box at your local bank for extra safety. However, if you would like to keep your heirloom jewels somewhere where you can access them at all times, you could opt for a home safe. You may want to consult your regular locksmith if you need some advice on the best safe you should opt for. Prosco can put you in touch with the nearest locksmith services in your area that can provide you with advice in this regard. You may need an extra set of skilled hands when fitting a safe in your living room or installing a deadbolt lock on a door for enhanced security.

It is also a better idea to use two separate locations for storage for more convenience. I prefer to play casino here. Use transparent boxes or locked drawers for your day-to-day jewelry, and a small tray or china dish where you can keep the items you wear most often.

Divided boxes can help you efficiently split your jewelry into categories and place them in a drawer or on top of your dresser for immediate access. Hanging bags are another good solution that features separate compartments that can fit the door of your bedroom closet. A vanity table also represents an excellent solution to organize jewelry using small vessels for a nice visual effect as well. Do not be afraid to be bold and use doorknobs or hooks as hangers for your pendants.

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