How To Keep Your Musical Instruments Safe When Traveling

As a musician, I can say I fully understand the kind of struggle you have to carry every time you need to maintain the safety of your musical instruments while traveling. No matter if it’s part of your hobby or your regular job, your musical instrument is most definitely something important to you. And you have also most likely paid a lot of money for it. So you couldn’t stand the thought of it getting damaged during transportation, or worse – someone stealing it from your travel bags while you are not looking. Unfortunately, there are lots of hazards and risks associated to traveling with musical instruments. But you can take a few cautions and considerably lower the risks of having something extremely bad happen to your precious instruments.

Know The Kind Of Security Issues You Will Deal With

  • Depending on the type of transportation you will select, you will have to worry about different types of risks associated to it. Driving your own car or a rental to your destination means you will need to make sure all locks, including the trunk lock are working fine on your vehicle. This will be critical for your safe parking needs, especially if you will be temporarily storing your musical instruments inside your locked car throughout your trip.
  • Talk to a reliable locksmith for automotive services and ask them to provide you with the assessment services you need for your vehicle. An authorized locksmith with lots of experience in the field should be able to rapidly identify any faults with a car lock or ignition switch and fix them almost on the spot. A locksmith who can fix a master key system or re-key a car key with advanced software should have no problem recommending the best solutions for your own car.
  • It is advisable to pack portable locks, padlocks, and cable locks to further secure the boxes that will be carrying your musical instruments inside your car.
  • Car alarms and locks for steering wheels or car wheels are also excellent means of deterring potential burglars.
  • If you plan on traveling by air, you will need to get acquainted with the regulations and special requirements to comply with when carrying musical instruments on you. You should get ready for longer and more detailed security checks at the airport. Which means you will need to change around your travel schedule and make sure you leave enough extra room to make it there on time for everything.
  • Keep in mind different airlines use different policies when it comes to carrying musical instruments with you on board. Given the numerous cases of stolen musical instruments from airports that have been reported during recent years, it is needless to say that the more safety measures you’ll take, the better. If you will solely need to carry a small or a medium sized instrument, you should be allowed to carry it on board. A larger musical instrument will normally require you to buy an additional plane ticket.
  • It is advisable to use custom foam inserts when packing, considering the bumpy road laying ahead of you.
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