Thank you Berkeley, California

We had one heck of a grand time in California this past week.  I got to skoot out of New England just in time to miss the big snow, and landed on the sunny side in Los Angeles, where the tangerines were dripping off the trees.  I must have had a dozen a day!  The antidote to winter is in the heartbeats of those little orange packages.  Thank you Jeff and Diane Ross for letting me have at your back yard bounty!

Jeff and I did some rehearsing and had some other fun in Southern California for a few days, then drove the scenic route to Berkeley.   My beautiful pal Maria picked me up and took me to Mill Valley and Muir Woods where I got to hug my first Red Wood tree.  Sorry you mighty Martha’s Vineyard oaks, I did hug around with a couple of 2,000 year old sentinels.  They smelled sweet too and I felt I was hearing the water rushing up them.  Go to Muir Woods when you can.  You will be sanctified.

Our main mission in the area was to play music and that we did!  Freight and Salvage is a fabulous venue with great seats and beautiful sound and we had a great time filling that place up with it, opening up for the amazing, joyous and delightful Albert Lee.  You must go see Albert Lee when he is near your town!  I would fly across the country to see Albert Lee!  Be prepared for your cheeks to hurt from the smiling that you will be doing when you see and hear him play.

The next morning Jeff and I visited another old friend whom I hadn’t seen in over 40 years.  That was wonderful.  Then it was back to LA, back onto the plane and back to the frozen tundra with my heart beating a little stronger, my joy refreshed and my psyche ready for the wintery slide into the waiting spring.




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