My pal Joey

Hey! My pal Joey Houlihan came over for a visit a while back with his beautiful bride, Cindy. He is a relatively new pal as our paths have just crossed, though I feel like I’ve known him and Cindy for ever. He had contacted me by phone ’cause he’d heard an archived radio interview I did at the University of Rhode Island radio station, and he could relate.
We were sitting around chewing the dinner and shooting the breeze. He was taking some notes.
Next thing I know, he’s off in his “shed” (the place where he goes to get his art out, that for him being writing), and he’s thrown down this article about little ole me for the Block Island Times. Here’s a link to that article. Thanks Joey and Cindy for the visit and the fun times and the kind words. And we celebrate Joey today and today is Joey’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mr. Houlihan!

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