“Sister Kate” for you!

Dear Golden Nuggets of Goodness,
We’re trying out this download capability of my albums here at katetaylor.com. We’ve started with “Sister Kate”, the album I made in Los Angeles in 1971. This record was produced by my then manager and producer, Peter Asher. If you would like information about who played on this record and how the songs got chosen, etc, or if you want a copy of the art work, please let me know.
It was very cool to be in Los Angeles at the time we were recording. Hey, it’s cool to be in LA anytime. But those days were special. If you have any interest in reading some tales from those days, I’m going to be posting some soon. Meantime, check out “Sister Kate” and let me know how your “shopping” experience is on this site. We want to make it nothing but pleasurable!

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