Working up a couple of Hazel Dickens-Alice Gerrard tunes with Jemima James

I have this amazing musical friend, Jemima James. She is a gifted writer and a grand person all around.
She has many friends who play music too, and she has invited a number of us to play on her show, the Jemima James Variety Show, at the Featherstone Art Gallery in Oak Bluffs, MA on Monday, July 18, out in the back field at 6:30. I urge you all to come. For my part, I will be singing with Jemima a couple of Hazel Dickens-Alice Gerrard songs that we do together. Jemima’s dynamic son, Willy Mason will be there, along with the incomparable Nina Violet, the soft and sultry Lexi Roth, the guitar playing humorist Dan Waters; yes, the list goes on and on. Here’s your chance to get a taste of some of the sweetest grapes on the Vineyard’s vines. Tying it all together is this wonderful soulful sister, Jemima James.

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