Heading for the gig with infamous Ramblin’ Jack Elliot

Hey! If you are in the Cambridge Massachusetts area on Friday night, May 20, come on over to see us with Ramblin’ Jack Elliot at Leslie College’s Prospect Hall, 1801 Mass Ave.
This guy is rode hard and has the stories to prove it. I am thrilled to be riding shot gun with him Friday night.
He played along side Woody Guthrie. He grew up in Brooklyn and fell in love with the great and expansive American west. He’s the real deal.
Then Saturday night, May 21, we’re off to celebrate another great American storyteller. We’re heading to our generation’s hometown, Woodstock, NY, to sing a couple of Dylan songs at a gathering to honor his 70th year. 70th year!!! Can this be?
We’re in good company that night, and I’m delighted to be joining my buds from upstate NY.
Saddle up your ponies and come on by, pahdnah’s.

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